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Specifications for the materials used to install and grout ceramic tile and stone have been developed according to the requirements and procedures of two standards-setting bodies: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

These standards were developed with differing criteria and do not correlate with each other. They cannot be cross-referenced or used interchangeably. Additionally, there are materials specified in each system of standards that are not delineated in the other system. Both sets of standards are in widespread and common use in North America.

Standard specifications for how installation materials should be used are only given in the ANSI set of standards.


ANSIA108 A118 A116 Cover Release Date December 2014For the full text of ANSI grout and mortar standards
and their related installation standards, purchase a
copy of ANSI A108.


TCNA Handbook 2016 coverThe TCNA Handbook contains overviews of the ANSI and
ISO grout and mortar standards in the Setting Material
Selection Guide and the Grout Selection Guide. 
Additionally, Appendix A provides an overview of the 
performance requirements of the ISO grout and mortar

Purchase a copy of the Handbook.

To purchase the full text of
ISO grout and mortar standards, visit their online store.