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ANSI Standards and Updates

ANSI standards for ceramic, glass, stone, and other hard surface tiles and panels, tile installation materials, and tile installation requirements are available from TCNA. They are periodically revised or reaffirmed by the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A108, for which TCNA is the Secretariat. 

Next Meeting: The next ASC A108 meeting has been scheduled for Monday, May 7th beginning at 8am. The meeting will be held in conjunction with Coverings 2018 in Atlanta, GA. 

To receive meeting details, apply for Committee membership, or to submit comments or proposals for revision of an existing standard or creation of a new standard, contact the ASC A108 Committee Secretary, Katelyn Simpson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Available standards and their status


Update to ANSI A137.2

This Update, released January 31, 2014, provides changes to the A137.2-2102 standard that were balloted and approved by the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee A108 in 2013. It accompanies and brings current all printed and digital copies of A137.2-2012. Additions and alterations to the standard appear in red on the following pages. These changes have been incorporated into the digital version of the standard released after January 31, 2014. The nomenclature for specifying the most current standard is ANSI A137.2-2013.

Use this update in combination with a printed or digital copy of ANSI A137.2-2012 in order to have all of the information contained in the current standard, ANSI A137.2-2013. Digital copies of A137.2 purchased after January 31, 2014 are marked A137.2-2013 and do not require use of this Update.  

ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A108

The ANSI ASC A108 Committee is made up of professionals from all areas relating to the manufacture, installation, sustainability and use in general of ceramic and glass tile. The Committee works to develop standards which define the installation of ceramic, glass, stone and other hard surface tiles and panels as well as the test methods, physical properties, and sustainability of ceramic, glass, stone, and other hard surface flooring and wall covering materials, and related installation materials. These are voluntary standards which are intended to serve as a guide to the general public, manufacturers, distributers, and others in the tile industry. Members of the ASC A108 Committee fall within four distinct interest categories...(click for more info)

ANSI Essential Requirements

ASC A108 Committee Procedures