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The Tile Council of North America accepts submissions for new tile installation guidelines and edits to existing guidelines for consideration by the Handbook Committee.

Submission Criteria and Format

  • Each submission must be accompanied by a Handbook submission form.
  • All submissions must be specific; exact language must be provided.
  • New methods should be submitted in a form that is ready to be inserted into the Handbook (see submission form for new details). Compare your submission to an existing method to make sure all necessary fields are listed. All testing and supporting documentation should be included (see sample).
  • Edits to the existing Handbook must include a page clearly showing where the requested changes are to be made. Click here for a submission form for edits to existing guidelines.
  • Email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Submissions that do not meet the Handbook format and criteria requirements will be returned.

Handbook Committee

Handbook Committee Members Represented by
Committee Chairperson
Eric Astrachan
Committee Secretary Stephanie Samulski
American Plywood Association
BJ Yeh
ANSI ASC A108 Committee Chairperson
Chris Walker
Eugene A. "Buz" Groshong Jr.
Artistic Tile
Josh Levinson
Backer Board Manufacturers Subcommittee
Tony Fuller
Ceramic Tile and Stone Association of Arizona
Sam Hibbs
Ceramic Tile Distributors Association
Sam Widener
Ceramic Tile Education Foundation
Scott Carothers
Ceramic Tile Institute of America Gray LaFortune and Dave Gobis
Chicago Tile Institute
Scott Conwell
Construction Specifications Institute
Randall Chapple
Glass Tile Consultants
Scott Fleming
Glass Tile Manufacturers Subcommittee
David Fatula
Great Lakes Ceramic Tile Council
Gerald Chioini and Kurt Von Koss
Gypsum Association
Michael Schmeida
International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers
Mike Hawthorne
ISO TC-189 Committee
Noah Chitty
Marble Institute of America
Chuck Muehlbauer
Materials and Methods Standards Association
Steve Fine
Membrane Manufacturers Subcommittee
Dan Marvin
Mortars and Grouts Manufacturers Subcommittee
Steve Taylor
National Tile Contractors Association 
Nyle Wadford
National Tile Contractors Association James Woelfel
Porcelain Tile Manufacturers Subcommittee
Jim Neel
Professional Consultants International, LLC
Richard P. Goldberg
Quarry Tile Manufacturers Subcommittee
Guy Renkert
Radiant Panel Association
Tracy Hall
Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Association of Canada
Dale Kempster
Tile and Stone Council of Northern California
Rich Galliani
Tile Contractors Association of America - East Coast
John Trendell and Brad Trostrud
Tile Contractors Association of America - West Coast Rich Papapietro and Ron Schwartz
Tile Council of North America
Bill Griese
Tile Council of North America - Mexico
Fernando Lozano Assad
Underlayment Manufacturers Subcommittee
Greg Schad
United Brotherhood of Carpenters
Greg Hefele and Eric Kastner
Wood Construction and Engineering Consultant
Frank Woeste