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ANSI A138.1

ANSI A138.1-2011 Green Squared Sustainable Tile and Installation Materials Specifications Version 1

ANSI A138.1-2011 Green Squared American National Standard Specifications for Sustainable Ceramic Tiles, Glass Tiles, and Tile Installation Materials - Version 1 (Hard Copy)

ANSI A138.1 is the industry standard for sustainable tile and tile installation products. This voluntary standard outlines the environmental and social criteria for sustainable ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and tile installation materials. 

Because sustainability shouldn't be defined by a single attribute, Green Squared®  takes a multi-attribute, balanced approach. Covered by the standard are environmental product characteristics, environmental product manufacturing and raw material extraction, end of product life management, progressive corporate governance, and innovation.

Suitable applications, installation requirements, and specific product performance criteria are not defined by this standard. 

Hard Copy ISBN: 978-0-9847424-3-1

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