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Many manufacturers have stopped reporting coefficient of friction (COF) per the C1028 method. Why? The standard for COF for ceramic tile floors has changed! And there is now a ≥0.42 requirement, measured per the DCOF AcuTest®, for level interior tiles that will be walked on when wet.

DCOF AcuTest® is a registered TCNA designation for the test procedure contained in ANSI A137.1 Section 9.6., which has been extensively researched, allows for in-situ field measurements, and is in use at tile manufacturing facilities. It was so named to distinguish it from other DCOF measurements using different instruments and/or protocols.

To meet the new DCOF AcuTest® criteria, you cannot use old COF values from C1028 measurements. As the methodology is different, there is no direct correlation from C1028 values to DCOF AcuTest® values.

Whether you're manufacturing, specifying, selling, installing, or maintaining ceramic tile floors, it's important to know the DCOF AcuTest value. Need help? Our lab not only runs this test, we helped develop the protocol. Send us your tiles today, and be sure you're meeting this new and very important safety standard.

DCOF AcuTest® your tiles today at TCNA!


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