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Since 2012, the ceramic tile industry standard for testing dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) has been the DCOF AcuTest.®  DCOF AcuTest® is a registered TCNA designation for the test procedure contained in Section 9.6 of ANSI A137.1, the American National Standard Specifications for Ceramic Tile. It was so named to distinguish it from other DCOF measurements using different instruments and/or protocols. It is used by all North American tile manufacturers, and those overseas tile manufacturers shipping to North America, to measure tile surfaces through a highly repeatable and well-controlled standardized methodology.

In addition to its use in manufacturing, the DCOF AcuTest® methodology has also been used on tiles in-situ according to the procedure in the A137.1 standard. Over time, the same methodology has been adopted by other hard surface flooring industries, adapting where necessary when measuring continuous flooring (for example, polished concrete) as opposed to tiles.

Reflecting its use on other hard surface flooring, and incorporating parameters for test sample size and testing in as-is conditions or under cleaned conditions, ANSI A326.3, Test Method for Dynamic Coefficient of Friction of Hard Surface Flooring Materials, was developed by a broad consensus of hard surface flooring stakeholders using the core DCOF AcuTest® methodology.

ANSI A326.3 additionally includes guidance on specifying hard surface flooring materials as relevant to slip resistance.

An electronic copy of the standard is available for free. To download a copy, click the link below.

Whether you’re manufacturing, specifying, selling, installing, or maintaining hard surface flooring material, it’s important to know its DCOF. Need help? Our lab runs the A326.3 test. Send us your product today or call regarding in-situ testing. Click here to have your product tested by TCNA!


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