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The ANSI ASC A108 Committee is made up of professionals from all areas relating to the manufacture, installation, sustainability and use in general of ceramic and glass tile. The Committee works to develop standards which define the installation of ceramic and glass tile as well as the test methods, physical properties, and sustainability of ceramic and glass tile, and installation materials. These are voluntary standards which are intended to serve as a guide to the general public, manufacturers, distributers, and others in the tile industry.

Members of the ASC A108 Committee fall within four distinct interest categories as defined below. A list of the current list of Committee members can be found here.

Manufacturers – Those companies that manufacture ceramic tile or associated products (mortars, grouts, backerboards, etc.) where at least 60% of their revenue is derived from the manufacture of ceramic tile or associated products, or an association or task group whose membership is made up of at least 80% manufacturers.

Labor - Installers, contractors, builders, and others involved in the installation of ceramic tile, or associations or groups whose membership is composed of at least 60% labor.

Users - Distributors, importers, purchasing agents, or specifiers of ceramic tile, or owners of property where ceramic tile and associated materials are being installed, or associations where at least 60% of the members are distributors, importers, purchasing agents, specifiers, property owners, etc., involved in the purchasing of ceramic tile and associated materials.

General Interest - Associations, individuals, or organizations not directly involved in the manufacture, installation, or use of ceramic tile or related materials but with an interest in the general standards.

The Committee follows the ANSI essential requirements and ASC A108 Committee procedures for operation of the accredited standards committee. These procedures can be viewed at the following links...

ANSI Essential Requirements

ASC A108 Committee Procedures

Anyone can submit requests for new standards or suggestions for revisions to existing standards. Suggestions can be submitted to the ASC A108 Committee Secretary. Once received, the submission or suggestion will be reviewed by the Committee to determine the appropriate next steps (i.e. form a task group to work on the project, prepare the submission for ballot according to the Committee procedures, etc.).

Formal interpretations of ASC A108 approved American National Standard can be requested at anytime. The Committee responds to requests for formal interpretations in accordance with section 12.3 of the Committee Procedures (excerpted below).

12.3 Requests for interpretation of standards

Written inquiries requesting interpretation of the ASC A108's approved American National Standards shall be responded to by the ASC A108 Committee in writing in accordance with the following:

ASC A108 will, in appropriate cases, render written interpretations. However, no organizational member of ASC A108, or any individual member, or representative of a member, shall have the authority to issue an interpretation of an A108 Standard in the name of ASC A108, and no member, or representative of a member, shall represent to any person that he has the approval of ASC A108 to issue such an interpretation.

A statement, written or oral, that is not processed in accordance with these Procedures shall not be considered the official position of ASC A108 and shall not be considered to be, nor be relied upon as, formal interpretation.

Formal interpretation shall be requested in writing, and answered in writing. Requests for interpretations shall be addressed to the ASC A108 Secretariat, who shall evaluate the need for an interpretation. The request shall include a statement in which shall appear specific references to a single problem and identifying the portion (article, section, paragraph, etc.) of the standard.

The written response to a request for an interpretation may be prepared by any Committee member or any other person with expertise in the subject in question. The response shall be prepared in writing and shall be submitted to the Secretariat for a letter ballot of the Committee. Interpretations shall be voted and approved in accordance with these procedures for all letter ballots.

The Secretariat shall keep the person requesting the interpretation advised in a timely fashion of the Committee's progress in preparing and voting on a response.

Approved interpretations will be posted on the Tile Council of North America website and included with the standard to which it applies.

Revisions to the standard resulting from requests for interpretations shall be processed in accordance with these procedures.

If you feel your interests are not currently being represented on the ASC A108 committee and are interested in becoming a voting member, please contact the Committee Secretary for information (contact information is below). 

Next Meeting: The next ASC A108 meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, April 28, 2013 beginning at 1:00 p.m.. The meeting will be held in conjunction with Coverings 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

US TAG to ISO TC 189

The ASC A108 Committee also serves as the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to the ISO Technical Committee 189 which creates international standards related to ceramic tile and installation materials. The US TAG gives direction to the ASC A108 Secretariat on how to vote international ballots, when to make suggestions for revision and formation of international standards, etc. Many US TAG members choose to attend the ISO TC 189 meetings which are held internationally.

Next Meeting: The next US TAG to ISO TC 189 meeting will be directly following the ASC A108 meeting on Sunday, April 28, 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

The next ISO TC 189 meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 24-27th, 2013. The meeting will be held in Istanbul, Turkey.

Contact Us:

Katelyn Simpson, ASC A108 Committee Secretary
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